Five great podcasts about business, startups, and sustainability

Looking for an easy way to get a tonne of amazing, insightful information from amazing people?  

I love listening to podcasts. From people talking about how they went from nothing to earning more than their day jobs, to innovative and creative ideas, there is something out there for everyone. 

But there are only so many hours a week that I can listen to podcasts, and so many great podcasts out there. 

Here are 5 of my favourite podcasts to listen to about business, startups, and sustainability. 

Indie Hackers – I love this podcast so much. While a lot of their interviews are with people who have a software solution, I think there is something for every business owner here. They share so many great tips that are relevant across pretty much all industries and business types. The host is fantastic, the content is top-notch, and every single episode I get something out of. 

Shopify Masters – If you run an online store, or are thinking about starting one, I recommend checking out this podcast from Shopify. Here you’ll hear a bunch of awesome stories from people who run online stores, with most of them making 6 figures or more annually. Running an ecommerce store can be hard, especially when you are getting started, so I love that this podcast has lots of great tips on how to market your business and tools to help make it easier or more successful.

The Green Startup – A new Aussie podcast that interviews small business owners that are running sustainable, eco-friendly businesses. The host is great, and it feels like you are listening to a conversation with friends. They only have a few episodes so far, but I think this will be a good one to keep an eye on. 

My Climate Journey – I’ve just started listening to this and it’s great! I can’t believe how many episodes he’s already created, it’s going to take me a while to get through them all, feels like it will be time well spent. This podcast is by Jason Jacobs, who after selling his successful company, found himself struggling w/ purpose. He wanted to work on something of great meaning for the world, but didn’t know what that was. So he set out on a mission to learn more about climate change and has been sharing his interviews with hundreds of amazing and knowledgeable people in this space. 

Lady Startup Stories – Hosted by Mia Freedman from Mamamia, who has created one of the largest podcast networks, this podcast shares the stories of successful female entrepreneurs. I love how open the conversations are here, with women not being afraid to share their failures as well as their successes. 

Do you have other podcasts that you love to listen to? Share the love and post a comment below.

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